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Grandmaster Yang Meijun 1896 - 2002

Wild Goose Qigong (Dayan Qigong) was a secret skill handed down through 27 generations until 1978 when Grandmaster Yang Meijun began to teach it openly to the public. It is thanks to her that we can all benefit today from the proven benefits of this exercise system. Wild Goose Qigong belongs to a system based on the movements of birds and animals and is connected with a Daoist system that goes back to Lao Tzu.
Wild Goose Qigong follows the principles of Yin and Yang, the Dao de Jing and the eight diagrams of Zhou Yi.
Grandmaster Yang Meijun was born in Shanghai at the end of the Qing Dynasty in 1895. Having secretly learned Wild Goose Qigong from her Grandfather Yang Deshan from the age of 13, she kept her skill hidden for many years. She only began to teach publicly at the age of eighty three, after the death of her husband in 1978. At that time China was becoming more relaxed and more politically open. She first started to teach the Wild Goose Qigong in Xuanwu Park in Beijing.

After the Cultural Revolution Yang Meijun became well known for her amazing healing skills and used her Qigong to cure many ailments. Her fame soon spread and practitioners and Qigong enthusiasts for all over China, as well as overseas, came to study with her. She taught Qigong in many major cities in China as well as Japan.

This is the only video we have seen of Yang Meijun performing Dayan Gong. Here she is doing the Soft Palms Qigong (Mian Zhang).

Memories of my Mother - by Chen Chuangang

Pictured together in 1995, Chen Chuangang and Yang Meijun.

"My Mother is a kind-hearted person, but also a strict one. Her loving expressions often appear in my mind, especially her determination to lead me in to Qigong training.
After Mother granted me the 28th Generation Lineage Holder in 1998 she said to me "Don't be afraid that some people will make trouble. Don't bother if some people deny the lineage holder. Those who keep the Wild Goose for themselves will possess nothing. Truth is truth! You must carry on the teaching task to pass on the skills to future generations "

From 1984 - 1990 I travelled with Mother to many different Provinces to teach and run classes. During these periods I noticed Mother was trying to teach and pass on her knowledge to me, at any time of the day. Sometimes I could feel the Qi connection with Mother. Mother told me " Training for Dao requires cultivation of the heart. If you want to achieve Dao you have to cultivate you internal world and moral standard is an important part of it. Benevolence, intelligence, loyalty, diligence, dignity are all qualities you must have."
Yang Meijun taught " Even the best style of training, if you don't practice enough, it won't do you any good. You can remember the movements by repeating them many times, but for the theory, you have to understand by using the heart"

Excerpts reproduced from "Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 " by Simon Blow  (see the books and DVDs page)

 Some Health benefits of Wild Goose Qigong  

Taken from the book Wild Goose Qigong by Yang Meijun

Qigong used to treat a Tumour

Zhang X, a female aged 34, was diagnosed with a thyroid adenoma in 1980. Unfortunately her operation had to be postponed and by 1981, her tumour was the size of half an egg. She began to learn Dayan Qigong. For the first week she felt really unwell and her neck felt very stiff but she continued her daily practise. Half a month later she began to feel less fatigued, her neck became normal again and the tumour had reduced in size, to the size of a date! Three months later, the tumour had disappeared and the operation deemed unnecessary .

Qigong and bone Diseases

Yao X, female aged 48 was diagnosed with relapsing osteohypertrophy, Kaschin-Beck disease, and arthritis. After taking up Dayan Qigong, the joint pain eased and the joints became more flexible, allowing her to walk at a brisk pace and climb stairs without difficulty.

Qigong and Liver Problems

Jiang X, female aged 54 contracted chronic hepatitis in 1958, and had continued problems for over 20 years. After learning Dayan Qigong for a month, her appetite improved. Four months later her liver function became normal.