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Wild Goose Qigong Classes and Instructors 

Email taichi.college@yahoo.co.uk   Call: 0784 6789041 
Wild Goose Qigong classes may vary depending on the method adopted by the individual teacher. All our classes are run on a friendly, informal basis. A list of class instructors is below. Our Wild Goose Qigong is the Original, Authentic, Accurate version from the direct 28th Generation Lineage holder Grandmaster Chen Chuangang. Come and experience the benefits of this wellbeing system from China which is almost 1800 years old! Beginners are welcome any time.  Join us today!

Bury, Greater Manchester - Instructor Sue Johnson Tel: 0784 6789041

Bury Parish Church Hall, The Rock, Bury, BL9 0AH 
Sunday afternoon 1.30- 2.30: Group practise session, open to all WG practitioners . Contribution to room hire.
* Private Lessons from £50 per hour, by appointment
* Workshops - Sue is available to teach workshops. Please contact for more information.  Email taichi.college@yahoo.co.uk

Sue Johnson has practised Wild Goose Qigong since 1990 and started to teach in 1992.  In 2016 she visited Wuhan in China to train with Grandmaster Chen Chuangang, where she revised both the 1st and 2nd 64 and was awarded her teaching certificate from the Grandmaster, to teach these skills abroad.
In 2017 she returned for a further 8 days Intensive training with the Grandmaster working on the Soft Palms Qigong and the Kunlun Bagua. In 2019 she again returned to Wuhan to further develop her skills, working on the Seven Stars opening Points Qigong, Tripod and Spiral Qigong, Five Element Protecting Heart Qigong, Eight Character Waist Pulling Qigong, Kunlun 11 Form and meditation techniques. 
This forms the current syllabus which we are teaching. 

Altrincham / Chorlton - Instructor Sheila Taylor Tel: 0161 973 3624

Unitarian Chapel, Dunham Rd. Altrincham
Tuesday evening 7.30

This class is suitable for beginners and those with some Qigong experience. This class covers the 1st 64 and 2nd 64 Wild Goose Qigong, Soft Palms Qigong and the Kunlun Bagua Qigong. 
Sheila has been practising Qigong since 2008. She has trained extensively with Dr Bingkun Hu. In 2017 she joined the first British tour to train in Wuhan, where she completed 8 days intensive training with Grandmaster Chen Chuangang, reviewing the Soft Palms Qigong and the Kunlun Bagua. 
In 2019 she returned to Wuhan for further training in both Qigong and Meditation techniques from the Wild Goose Qigong system. 

Dumfries and Galloway -Instructor Jaki Turner Tel: 07595 009695

Jaki has been practising Qigong for over 12 years.

She was one of the first British students to receive Intensive training in China with Grandmaster Chen Chuangang, where in 2016, she received her Wild Goose Qigong Instructor Certificate. In 2017 she returned to Wuhan for a further 8 days Intensive Training with the Grandmaster. In 2019 she again returned to Wuhan for ongoing development of her Qigong with Grandmaster Chen, his son Chen Zhi and Mrs Xie Chunlin.  

She is currently teaching Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 and 2nd 64.

She is available for:-

  • Private Tuition
  • Workshops
  • Taster Sessions in the SW of Scotland and Scottish Boarders.

Stockport/Ashton - Instructor Carl Shaw R.I.P.

Sadly, Carl passed away suddenly in August 2022.

Carl Shaw began his Qigong journey in 1990 studying in Manchester until 1999. 

He also trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu.


In 2016 he joined the first group of UK students to visit Wuhan and update his 1st and 2nd 64 with Grandmaster Chen Chuangang and receiving Instructor certification.  

In 2017 he returned to update his Kunlun Bagua and Soft Palms forms. 

In 2019 he returned to Wuhan again to develop his Qigong further with Grandmaster Chen, his son Chen Zhi, and also with Mrs Xie Chunlin.

Other Regional Wild Goose Qigong Instructors

Knowsley/ Merseyside - Howard Dutton - Tel: 07484 881443

Howard has studied Qigong for more than 20 years, in addition to Tai Chi Quan and Chinese Kung Fu.  


County Kildare, Ireland - Paul Maloney - Tel:+353 86129 4973

Paul has had a long interest in Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua Zhang and also Wild Goose Qigong. He has trained in Manchester with Sue Johnson and also in Bali with Simon Blow. He teaches in Celbridge, Co. Kildare 

Your name here?  If you are interested in training to teach Wild Goose Qigong in your location, we also offer Instructor training and certification.  Some previous experience of Qigong or Tai Chi is required. Please contact Sue for more details. 

Monthly Workshop - Bury Parish Church Hall BL9 0AH

Guided by Sue Johnson, who has over 30 years experience and has trained in Wuhan with Grandmaster Chen Chuangang, these sessions are open to all abilities. Some students come to revise or update their skills, some come to learn from the beginning and some just to enjoy a group practise session. Why not start your Qigong journey with us?
Only £20.00 per session 
Come and join us to learn the Original, Accurate, Standard version of the Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 and 2nd 64, and many more forms.

2023 Dates 
 May 28th,  July 9th,  Sep.3rd,  Oct.15th,  Nov. 26th

Please contact us to discover which form(s) are being taught and to reserve a place. 

 We meet at Bury Parish Church Hall, The Rock, Bury, BL9 0AH on Sunday 2.30 - 4.30  
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Wild Goose Qigong 2nd 64 - Sue Johnson