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Training Trips to China. 

Due To ongoing Covid outbreaks, our trips to China for Intensive training have been suspended. We hope to resume them once it is safe to travel again. 

Training in China 2019

Our 2019 trip took place 17 - 29th September.

We planned to review the1st and 2nd 64 (any corrections) and the Tripod And Spiral Qigong, and if there was enough time, Patting the Meridians. 

Entry requirements for this trip were a working knowledge and regular practise of:-

1st 64, 2nd 64, Kunlun Bagua and Soft Palms Qigong. 

Training on these trips is approximately from :- 

6.30 - 7.30am

9.30 - 12.00

2.30 - 5.00pm 

Each day for seven days training. There will be an additional few days for sightseeing before we return home. 

As it is a long way to travel, we have to make the most of each day that we are there. Whilst Grandmaster Chen does not always attend the pre-breakfast session, he often does turn up, so there is no opportunity for a lie in in case he does arrive! 


This year our group from the UK was joined by one person from America, one from Japan and one from Canada. There were also a few Chinese students. There were only 5 in our group from the UK. 

This time we learned:

* Seven Stars Opening Points Gong

* Tripod and Spiral Gong

* Five Element Protecting Heart Gong

* Eight character Waist Pulling gong 

* We also learned some more Meditation techniques.

Grandmaster Chen also joined us every day for the morning sessions at 6.30am when we practised the 1st 64 with him (3 times) and also the form we were currently working on. The weather was glorious and we trained in the park every day. Temperatures between 27 and 31 degrees! Fortunately the tree canopy kept us in the shade.  We were initially disappointed when our trip had to be cancelled in April due to flight problems, but it was well worth waiting for. We also had a couple of days to visit Mulan Mountain, East Lake and the White Crane Tower. Lots to work on now!

Training with the Grandmaster 2017

We are delighted to announce that, the first British Training Trip to China, took place in October 2017

Wild Goose Qigong practitioners and instructors from the UK spent 8 days in Wuhan doing intensive training with Grandmaster Chen Chuangang. 

Entry Requirements for this course was:-

1) Working knowledge and regular practise of 1st and 2nd 64.

2)  Some experience of the Soft Palms Qigong and/or Kunlun Bagua


We went through and revised :1st 64 and 2nd 64

Then we studied in detail :Kunlun Bagua and Soft Palms Qigong.
There was also a  considerable amount of theory to enable us to understand the benefits.
We also had time for some sightseeing in Wuhan and also spent a few days visiting Wudang Mountain, which was shrouded in mist giving a great atmosphere!  
Grandmaster Chen worked us hard, with classes running from 9.00 am until 6.00pm! This was an amazing trip of contrasts in sightseeing, delicious food and a fantastic training opportunity which we all really appreciated.
 It is reassuring to know that we are now practising the correct version of this beautiful Qigong system. It is sad that so many people have put their own interpretations and modifications into the forms. We can certainly say that we are now doing the authentic version that was actually handed down through Yang Meijun. 

Training in China 2016

We were very fortunate to join Australian Qigong Master Simon Blow, on a training trip to Wuhan, along with some of his Australian students. Simon has studied Wild Goose Qigong with Grandmaster Chen Chuangang since 2007. He organises study tours to Wuhan annually so that students can have the opportunity to train Wild Goose Qigong with Grandmaster Chen Chuangang.


Entry Requirement for this trip was:

A basic knowledge and practise of the 1st and 2nd 64


Initially we did not know what to expect. The Grandmaster is almost 90 years old and we expected him to be very frail and not very "hands on". How wrong could we be! If there is any proof to the fact that Wild Goose Qigong promotes health and longevity, it really must be him. 

Our visit in May 2016 consisted of 4 full days of training (with him arriving at 6.30 am)  and our classes finishing around 5.00pm.

We then had a few days break to visit the Wudang Mountains and review what we had learned during free time between the sightseeing. Then we returned to Wuhan for another 3 full days of training!

During this visit we reviewed both the Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 and the 2nd 64 in depth spending 3 full days on the 1st 64 and then 4 days on the 2nd 64. 

Jaki Turner says:
Taking the opportunity to train in China is a life enhancing experience.
The first-hand individual tuition and coaching from Grandmaster Chen emphasises the precision and accuracy of the movements in the original Wild Goose system handed down through the generations. It was fascinating to appreciate that the meaning of the movements is as clear now as it was in ancient times. Grandmaster Chen's warmth, enthusiasm and discipline is compelling.As Master Simon Blow says, there is more to Qigong than learning the movements, the details and the Qi flow. Training in China also gives a deeper understanding of the origins of the Wild Goose system and its underlying Daoist philosophy.  This history and focus on harmony, effortless action and naturalness adds a further level to daily practice. Most importantly the trip was tremendous fun!